Repp Health helps hospitals enhance patient experience and reduce operating costs by tracking and analyzing time. We measure movement of patients, equipment, and staff throughout the facility to derive utilization and time metrics. Organize. Synchronize. Accelerate.

Third Eye Health is a national healthcare company providing high quality remote and bedside medical care to acute, post-acute, and senior care organizations.

Casechek develops automated systems and processes that eliminate the day to day headache and time drain caused by loaner tray management. With less time spent worrying about inventory, we improve vendor-provider relationships and allow the focus to return to the patient.

PayForward is the social-financial platform that allows you to earn up to 15% cash back on purchases to fund your life purposes, give to causes you care about and connect with your community. You can use the cash back you earned to fund family vacations, children’s sports teams, your favorite charities, and organizations, or keep for yourself. The choice is yours!

Wisdo helps people take on life’s greatest challenges and opportunities by tapping into the wisdom of those who’ve been there. Wisdo believes that knowledge gained through experience should be organized and celebrated – helping people everywhere discover what and whom they need to know, anytime and anywhere.


Find Health through Food. Nourish your family in a way that really works for you. At EatLove, we believe that it’s possible to create special mealtimes without as much stress. With quality food that enables not just sustenance, but joy, whatever the dietary constraints. It’s a philosophy to reclaim the family connection. We offer a new kind of convenience by figuring out what, how, when, and who can help!


We focus on providing the highest quality health care tailored to the needs of older adults with Medicare. We spend time getting to know you so we can develop a comprehensive care plan for your individual needs. If you want easy access to health care and a doctor who really knows you, you're going to love Oak Street Health.


Founded in 2012, Visibly is a Chicago-based healthcare technology company that creates digital eye care technologies to help the world see better. Our online vision test allows patients to renew their prescription anywhere, anytime. We also offer eye care providers, eyewear retailers, and other organizations customizable software solutions to enable a better patient and consumer experience.


PierianDx solves the problem of translating complex genomic data into actionable clinical insight to advance precision medicine. We do this through a cloud-based clinical genomics software platform that simplifies the process of taking DNA sequencing data though analysis, interpretation and final report.