TLSG is a different kind of venture firm.

Quick Decisions. We are the private investment arm of a single family office, so decision-making authority is simple. We make decisions quickly and decisively.

Founders First. We are founders and operators. We know how to let CEOs focus on running their business but also where to provide support.

Simplicity. We talk regularly with our portfolio firms to discuss ideas and find opportunities to help but do not encumber them with copious reporting and formal meetings.

Filling the Funding Gap. Because our typical investment size is between $500K and $2M per portfolio company, we fill the very difficult financing gap between friends and family rounds and larger VC firms. Our goal is to ensure that our portfolio companies, if they wish, can be supported directly into a Series A financing round, cleanly and simply, so that management can focus on what they do best: building their company. We have relationships with larger VC firms that have an affinity for what we do and understand our deep experience in the healthcare sector, making this transition easier.

Acceleration. Being seasoned operators ourselves, we add value to our portfolio companies through hands-on, strategic advice as well as unparalleled connections to C-suite executives throughout the healthcare industry. This opens doors for our portfolio companies and allows them to accelerate growth by reducing sales cycles and placing them directly in front of the ultimate decision-makers.

If you know of early-stage companies that could use our expertise—including your own—we would love to hear from you.